LP Reader: Library Set


Learning Program Literacy Library contains thirty-three books from The Learning Program library including: Food, More Food, Pets, More Pets, Zoo Animals, More Zoo Animals, Going Places, More Going Places, Let’s Play, Things to Wear, Things to Wear in Winter, Feelings, Book of Shapes, Book of More Shapes, In My House, More In My House, I Can Move, At The Beach, At School, More At School, At The Park, I Like Sports, I Like More Sports, Who Do I See?, In My Yard, In The Sky, I See Colors, Have A Ball, Music, More Music, I Can, Seasons, and Going to a Movie.

Each set contains:

  • Book, double-sided picture and word matching boards, double-sided picture and written word flash cards, laminated draw-a-line worksheets (word-to-word and word-to-picture, straight and diagonal) and guide for extended learning activities. Set also includes summarized instructions (inside front cover) and tips (inside back cover).
  • Each set is spiral bound and printed on 8 1/2 x 11 heavy card stock with laminated front and back covers. Flash cards are stored in pouch located on inside back cover.
  • Detailed instructions for use are included.


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