LP Online Level 1 Kit


The LP Online Level 1 Kit contains twenty books from The Learning Program including: Food, Pets, Zoo Animals, How Many 1-5?, Let's Play, Things to Wear, At The Park, I See Colors, Going Places, Book Of Shapes, In  My House, How Many 6-10?, I Can Move, Have A Ball, I Like Sports, In My Yard, The Feelings Book, Music, At The Beach, At School. The LP Online price is discounted $30 from the cost of individually purchasing these 20 titles.

Each set contains:

  • Book, double-sided picture and word matching boards, double-sided picture and written word flash cards, laminated draw-a-line worksheets (word-to-word and word-to-picture, straight and diagonal) and guide for extended learning activities. Set also includes summarized instructions (inside front cover) and tips (inside back cover).
  • Each set is spiral bound and printed on 8 1/2 x 11 heavy card stock with laminated front and back covers. Flash cards are stored in pouch located on inside back cover.