Class Schedule

What's Happening in Orange County, California

If your family is participating in The Learning Program in Orange County, California, you can view or print your schedule by clicking on the applicable link below. With the exception of online classes, all classes are held at Down Syndrome Foundation’s Learning Center, located at 1451 Quail Street, Suite 110, Newport Beach, California 92660.

Full Calendar in PDF
The LP Online (Levels 1 and 2), Learning Program Partner training schedule and Teen Time schedule is available in the full calendar view.


Classes:  Face-to-Face  Sessions
LP OC Level 1
LP OC Level 3
LP OC Level 4 
LP Grads

Classes:  Online Sessions
LP Online Level 1
LP Online Level 2

Schedule Questions:

If you have a question about the schedule or will miss a class, please contact Lisa Fraser at 

California Schedule Only:

The schedules above apply only to Learning Program classes held in Orange County, California. If you are part of a Learning Program in another state, please contact your LP Partner for specific class information.