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April 2014 - This month Pre-K and Level 1 classes focus on fostering independence at home or in school. Read more
March 2014 - This month we are focusing on letters, sounds and phonology. Read more
February 2014 - This month we are focusing on how to enhance your child's educational experience by collaborating with school administrators, teac Read more
February 2014 - There is a new Statewide Special Education Task Force you should know about. Read more
January 2014 - DSE Conference February 1, 2014 - If you have not heard Sue Buckley speak before, you are missing out if you do not attend this con Read more
Sentence Building
January 2014 - This month we are focusing on sentences. Read more
sorting activity
December 2013 - With a bit of advanced planning, it is simple to work the math concepts of sorting, patterning, ordering and comparing into learni Read more
November 2013 - Setting the stage at home and at school for effective learning is important. Read more
October 2013 - October is our time to focus on early number concepts. Read more
September 2013 - LP Online (Level 1) has begun, but it is not too late to register and join us. Read more
Math Activity
September 2013 - September was an exciting month at DSF. Read more